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Birding With Angie Jungbluth

Love our feathered friends and interested in learning more but not sure how to go about it? Join us for a delightful and informative program where Angie Jungbluth, a naturalist, artist and instructor with an impressive resume in all things nature, will teach both the novice and experienced bird lover about all things in the field – plus how to sketch birds. (Please note: Artistic skills not required!)

A morning (9 to 11 a.m.) and evening (5:30 to 7:30 p.m.) class will be held Thursday, August 18.  Each session is $30/person.

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The Art of Birding

Birding with Angie Jungbluth: August 18, 2022

Date: Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022
Morning Class – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. OR
Evening Class – 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Price: $30/class

Geared toward the avid birdwatcher and aspiring birders alike, “Birding with Angie Jungbluth” aims to develop attendees’ skills in the field and at the drawing board. Strengthen your observational skills through both visual and auditory practices introduced through five nature journaling techniques then practice these new skills in the field to help reinforce what’s been learned.

In both the morning and afternoon classes, Jungbluth will cover the following techniques:

Bird Sit. Enjoy a relaxing and engaging connection to birds and nature while fine-tuning your senses and recording your experience.

Field Marks. Practice field marks and feather patterns before going outside to help with bird identification, then learn how to record field marks and feather patterns while outside.

Listing. Explore the benefits of creating different types of bird lists including backyard bird lists, travel lists and eBird lists.

Phenology Wheel. Create a phenology wheel that will help you track both resident and migrant birds through the seasons.


Recommended Supply List

• Plain paper such as typing paper
• Pencil with eraser
• Colored pencils
• Clipboard
• Binoculars
• Water bottle
• Sunscreen
• Bug spray

Instructor Bio: Naturalist, artist and instructor Angie Jungbluth’s professional experience includes stints at the St. Louis Zoo, the Missouri Botanical Garden, Arches National Park and teaching middle school science for 25 years. Her artistry has earned her signature membership in the St. Louis Watercolor Society; an artist residency at Missouri’s State Parks. She has also been an instructor at Shaw Nature Reserve and the Foundry Art Centre.

Additionally, she has volunteered in excess of 3,000 hours with the Missouri Department of Conservation teaching public programs, conducting bird surveys, designing self-guided auto tours of Conservation Areas, training and more.