Schuyler Clark

St. Albans, Mo., January 14, 2021 – The Inns at St. Albans has hired Schuyler Clark as its new general manager as part of a new initiative to transform the property into a historic travel and meeting destination.  Clark has 20 years of experience in luxury hotel operations and a strong background in executive leadership, operations management and staff development at nationally-known historic resort destinations.  The Inns at St. Albans will continue to be a premier luxury wedding venue.

Clark will be responsible for all operations at the historic Inns at St. Albans, which dates to 1843. Before joining The Inns at St. Albans, Clark was hotel manager at The Ballantyne in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. He also worked as director of rooms at Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  

“I have a passion for historic hotel properties that are rich in culture and deliver a unique connection for each guest,” Clark said. “You can always stay at a new property, but today’s travelers want an immersion in history and a high-quality sense of place. I was attracted to the Inns at St. Albans because I believe we can deliver this on a level that will make us a regional, national and eventually international destination.”

Last year the Inns at St. Albans began construction of a new $4 million, 11,000 square foot lodge that will add 12 rooms of overnight accommodation and meeting space for up to 25 participants.  Scheduled for completion by Summer, the lodge is one of several new amenities scheduled to open later this year that will increase total overnight accommodations and help transform the property to a resort-style destination.

“We are building on our very successful weddings business by optimizing all the potential our property holds as a unique and attractive destination for business and leisure travelers visiting the St. Louis area,” said Datra Herzog, owner of the Inns at St. Albans.  “We are developing partnerships with other organizations in the St. Albans area that will enable us to offer overnight guests multiple dining opportunities, golf outings, arts events, water sports, a cooking school, musical performances and even special wine dinners featuring product made locally from our onsite vineyards.”

Nestled in scenic rolling hills first charted by Lewis & Clark near the Missouri River, the Inns at St. Albans is situated on what was once considered America’s western frontier. The rich history of St. Albans is steeped in Americana culture from the 1700-1800s including Osage Indians, Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, Mark Twain, the International Shoe Company and riverboat commerce.  The Studio Inn was built by renowned architect Theodore Link, the designer of St. Louis Union Station.  For many years, the area was the country retreat of some wealthy St. Louis families. 

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